The national capital chapter of the world's premier fraternity for young men aged 12 to 21.


DeMolay provides a safe and rewarding environment in which young men can form lasting bonds of friendship during their teenage and early adult years.


DeMolay helps young men develop and refine the thinking, planning and decision-making skills they will need to lead successful, happy and productive lives.


DeMolay builds civic awareness, emphasizing the vital importance of engagement with the community. As with all chapters, Ottawa undertakes various charitable activities that help members develop personal responsibility and an appreciation for others.


At DeMolay, leadership stems from participation and personal experience. Each chapter is run by its members. Whether age 12 or 21, they all play central roles in the day-to-day operations, making the decisions that shape the unique character and direction of their chapter.


DeMolay helps young men build the critical self-assurance necessary for the transition to post-secondary education, careers and the challenges of adulthood.